Please note ROYAL EVENT RENTAL offers two types of services:

*We offer a general rental service which includes delivery and return for the items rented only. This does not include any type of setting up or lighting of any candles. This type of service incurs tax & a delivery fee only and there is no minimum required.

* We also offer a complete service package which includes delivery, set-up, and lighting of candles, furniture and d├ęcor, transformation from ceremony to reception if required for ROYAL ITEMS only and pickup and return of the items rented. A minimum is required to reserve the date and services.

Once you have reviewed and selected the items of choice and the type of service necessary, we will then create an open invoice requiring a deposit of 50% of the total amount along with a contract stating that the balance is due no later than 30 Days prior to the event. Terms and stipulations are inclusive of contract.